Adventure & Active Travel

Who is an Adventure Traveler? Generally, all of us are or can be Adventure Travelers! Demographically Adventure Travelers are seen at being an average age of 35 – 65.

They see vacation as re-creation. They have graduated from the “usual” travel. Adventure Travelers are seen as being Culturally curious and being on the leading edge. They don’t do luxury for luxury’s sake. Adventure Travelers shy away from overly packaged and big ship travel.

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Culinary & Wine

Food and Wine is a huge part of our travel adventures. All five of our senses engage and those moments are filed in our memories to recall quickly when triggered and we are back in those moments remembering the sounds, tastes, smells, laughter and conversation. Cooking classes, Tastings of all kinds – Wine, Champagne, Beer and Whisky, Michelin stared restaurants, Food trucks, Celebrity Chefs, EatWith experiences with the locals… So many options can be overwhelming. Diane will create the experiences that match with your vision.

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Polar Regions

Remote, Pristine, Nature, Unique, Wildlife, Wild Weather, Explorers, History, Stories and Story Tellers.

Antarctica and the Arctic. So Very Different – Polar Opposites in fact! On Expedition Cruising there is always a Plan A B C and D. The itinerary is a suggestion and the Captain and Expedition Leader work so hard to make your adventure everything you dreamed of, safely. As Adventure Travelers you go with the flow and enjoy every moment, each daily briefing, wind chart, the ever changing views, with your binoculars and cameras at the ready.

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Ski & Golf

Golf and Ski Adventures Worldwide! So many different ways to get there, to experience, to enjoy your favorite activities. Let me know what you dream of and I will present the options to bring that dream to life for you.

All Inclusive Ski Packages? Yes everything is included! You get to just enjoy and not worry about the prices. Ask me. So many great options in Canada, Europe, Chile, New Zealand, Japan! Don’t let your own imagination limit your dream about your ski adventures. Let me know your timing, and somewhere in the world you can ski all year round.

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Walking, Cycling & Multi-Sport

Slow down… and enjoy as the constantly changing view, smells on the breeze, towns, meadows and meeting the locals. Cafes, good food, good wine, time to ponder, feel the sun, challenge yourself.

Fully guided or self guided options, choose the level of support for your piece of mind; and enjoy every single moment.

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